GLEN SCOTIA 28 ans 1992 Exclusively for Kirsch Import and La Maison du Whisky French Connections G&M


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Founded in 1832 by the Stewart and Galbraith families, Glen Scotia was mothballed for the first time in 1928. After reopening in 1933, it was once again mothballed in 1984. After recommencing production in 1989, it was bought in 2019 by the company Hillhouse Capital Management. Boasting remarkable freshness, this rare and venerable version invites us to visit the region of Campbeltown, which was home to some 34 distilleries in the early 20th century. Discarding the unnecessary to get straight to the point, it perfectly reproduces the maritime and rustic character of this peninsula-based single malt.
Profile: the refined first nose is salty, exotic (banana), herbaceous and hot. Allowed to breathe, it develops notes of frangipane and fresh walnut. Next, plant infusions (sage, verbena) bring lots of freshness to the aromatic palette. The creamy attack is slightly camphoric. On the mid-palate, a fine layer of liquorice covers the malted barley. The end of the palate is mineral. The silky start of the finish is also invigorating (grapefruit). It lingers on herbaceous (chlorophyll) and wildflower flavours. The retro-nasal olfaction is spicy (cinnamon, nutmeg) and the empty glass maritime, fruity and floral (tuberose).

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Appearance : topaz with green tints.
Nose : refined, complex. The very pleasantly salty first nose is also tinged with exoticism (banana), lemon, herbaceous notes and chili. In a word, coastal. Allowed to breathe, it develops notes of frangipane, coconut milk and fresh walnut. Later, plant infusions (sage, verbena, camomile) arrive at the perfect moment to refresh the aromatic palette, which resembles a grand cru Alsatian Riesling.
Palate : lively yet creamy. Herbaceous (hay, alfalfa), slightly camphoric and milky (fromage blanc), the attack has lots of zest. On the mid-palate, a fine layer of green liquorice covers grains of malted barley. A few yellow fruits (plum, pear) then spread a deliciously sweet juice over the taste buds. At the end of the palate, flavours of liquorice sweets highlight a stunning minerality (schist).
Overall : long, silky. Very lush (prairie) and aromatic (tarragon, bay leaf), the start of the finish is also characterized by the presence of citrus fruit zest (grapefruit, lemon). Spring-like, it lingers with flavours of chlorophyll, wildflower (dandelion) and green bean. On the retro-nasal olfaction, a few notes of burnt wood and a handful of spices (cinnamon, nutmeg) create a strong backbone for the flavour palette. In unison, the empty glass is mentholated, maritime (sea spray), fruity (William’s pear) and floral (tuberose).

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