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Located in Reaux sur Trèfle in Charente-Maritime, in the Petite Champagne terroir (Cognac 2nd cru), the Fradon estate spans some 37 hectares. The vineyard is primarily planted with Ugni Blanc (77%), Folle Blanche (3%) and Colombard (2%). The rest of the grape varieties grown, composed of Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, are used to produced the property’s local Charente wine. Successfully maintaining a steadfast youthful expression, this venerable cuvée deploys incredibly fresh and diverse floral and fruity tones. Its medicinal, spicy and autumnal character also brings out the full depth of a particularly well-rounded palette of flavours and aromas.

Profile: the lively initial nose is mineral (limestone), floral (lilac) and fruity (Mirabelle plum). Allowed to breathe, citrus fruits (lemon) appear alongside exotic fruits (guava) and medicinal notes. The well-balanced attack is also milky (coconut), vanilla and roasted. Green mint and honeysuckle arrive in a grand finale. The silky finish is spicy, exotic and floral (iris). Notes of orange blossom.

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Appearance : burnished gold with glints of copper.
Nose : fresh, lively. The very mineral (limestone) initial nose is also floral (lilac, lily of the valley), fruity (Mirabelle plum, white grape) and herbaceous (ivy). Allowed to breathe, candied citrus fruit (lemon, mandarin) appear alongside exotic fruit (guava, persimmon), medicinal notes (ointment, mustard poultice) and spices (ginger, clove). With extreme finesse, the aromatic palette continually becomes more intense and complex. With time, it then becomes increasingly honeyed (sweet chestnut, pine) and apricoty.
Palate : well-balanced, very noble. The hugely unctuous attack is milky (coconut), vanilla and roasted (coffee, tobacco). The remarkably fresh and dynamic mid-palate is characterized by notes of green mint, grenadine and honeysuckle. At the end of the palate, cocoa bean and curry envelop the taste buds in their powdery tannins. This mature evolution is confirmed with the presence of autumn fruits (chestnut, sweet chestnut).
Overall : long, silky. Grated ginger, cinnamon, spice bread and fresh walnut seep deep into the start of the finish. Further on, plantain banana, mango, freesia and iris butter highlight the finish’s exotic and heady character. The retronasal olfaction is intensely chocolatey, herbaceous (black tea) and spicy (saffron). The empty glass is filled with orange blossom and violet.

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