FEW Bourbon Single Barrel #17-0914 Antipodes


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Produced with 70% maize, 20% rye and 10% malted barley, this particularly warm version gets straight to the point. Deeply extroverted, it begins by revealing an extremely exotic, spicy and powdery character worthy of a great bourbon. Then, like the Few Rye, the palette of aromas and flavours gradually becomes increasingly fruity. Apricot and peach have simply replaced the blood orange.

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Tasting Notes

Orangey copper.

Nose : Refined, balanced. On the first nose, notes of frangipane, toffee, dried apricot, beeswax and quince jelly elegantly bring to mind the world of premium bourbon. Allowed to breathe, the aroma palette’s fruity register becomes increasingly exotic (mango, guava, persimmon), while subtle notes of candied ginger and cocoa powder appear.

Palate : Distinguished, slender. The magnificently powdery, spicy (cinnamon, clove, nutmeg) and praline attack gradually focuses on a single fruit, apricot. The mid-palate then alternates between candied apricot, crisp apricot, an apricot tart and finally a delicious apricot jam. At the end of the palate, a very pleasant lemon acidity arrives with perfect timing to refresh the palate.

Finish : Long, silky. At the start of the finish, a new fruit comes thundering in: peach. White peach, yellow peach and nectarine spread generously across the palate. Wavering between notes of verbena, vanilla, chocolate and camphor, the end of the finish reveals great concentration. The subtle woody retro-nasal olfaction is also rooty (agave, gentian). The empty glass is like a delicious coconut dessert.

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