FAMILLE FEZAS 1981 Version Française Antipodes


Located in the heart of the Ténarèze terroir on the highest slopes of Gascony (180 m), the clay-limestone vineyard of Domaine Chiroulet, which has been owned by the Fezas family since 1893, spans 45 hectares. This version produced with the Ugni Blanc grape and aged in re-used oak casks is abundant with remarkably fresh notes of white grape. Also nobly woody and spicy, the palette of aromas and flavours ventures deep into the heady universe of American whiskey.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Deep orangey copper.

Nose : Lively, stately. The very complex first nose is exotic (passion fruit, mango, persimmon), autumnal (moss, lichen, sweet chestnut), fruity (apricot, walnut, orange), delicately woody (salted butter caramel, praline) and spicy (curry, ginger, cinnamon). Allowed to breathe, notes of beeswax, bay leaf honey and stewed fruits (Mirabelle plum, apple) appear alongside medicinal aromas of arnica. Finally, balsamic vinegar scents underscore the aroma palette’s oxidative character.

Palate : Sharp yet silky. Livened up by a very pleasant fruit acidity (macerated grapes), the start of the finish quickly develops particularly smooth flavours of milk chocolate and almond. The fleshy, full-bodied mid-palate is filled with whole bunches of perfectly ripe white grapes. The end of the palate is refreshed by their deliciously tangy juice.

Finish : Long, creamy. At the start of the finish, apricot stone and vanilla pod create the ideal pairing. At the end of the finish, a delicious mango coulis spreads softly along the edges of the palate. The retronasal olfaction could almost be mistaken for a premium bourbon (varnish, coriander, oak stave, curry). The empty glass is heady (honeysuckle, lime blossom) and nobly spicy (cardamom, saffron).

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