ERASMUS BOND Botanical Tonic Water 6 Packs 4×200 ml


As gins and other spirits become increasingly complex, demand for equally complex mixers is on the rise. The solution? Erasmus Bond Botanical. This concoction has been designed to enhance the most floral, unique and unclassifiable spirits on the market.
The nose is initially peppery followed by a hint of mint and freshly-cut herbs. The palate is rounded and mellow, with a handful of ginger, basil, thyme and even juniper notes. Quinine dominates the finish, as do notes of gentian and pink grapefruit.

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Nose: A burst of Jamaican black pepper and a touch of mint, then very herbal, reminiscent of freshly cut basil.

Mouth: soft and round with hint of candied ginger, basil again, thyme, rosemary even, gentian root and juniper berries.

Aftertaste: the quinine is louder now with loads of white grapefruit and pomelo.

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