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A blend of a Laphroaig and a Caol Ila aged in bourbon casks, and an Octomore aged in an oloroso sherry cask, this version repeatedly explores peaty, smoky, floral, fruity and medicinal paths which form a triangle whose hypotenuse crosses from the north to the south of Islay. Very Laphroaig, with its oily peat and very fruity register, very Caol Ila, with its notes of freshly cut grass and profoundly marine character, and very Octomore, with a power that brings out a very delicate minerality, it feeds on all of these strong influences to forge a unique and charming personality. Additionally, unlike the Bermuda triangle, the taster is free to explore in complete tranquillity a palette of aromas and flavours continually swept with the light of the lighthouses illuminating these three distilleries for miles around.

Profile: the unctuous first nose is peaty, chocolate, exotic (passion fruit), honeyed and animal (smoked fish). Allowed to breathe, soot spreads through the aromatic palette. Citrus fruit (orange) and apricot are then deposited on a lunar soil. The lively attack stages a rather dry peat. The sherry’s influence is clearly highlighted (date, fig). On the mid-palate, aromatic plants (bay leaf) and cut grass refresh the palate. The full start of the finish is empyreumatic (crème brûlée, diesel). Red and black fruits (red currant, blackcurrant) then make a very noteworthy appearance. With a delicate mouthfeel, the end of the palate is chocolate and tertiary (chestnut). On the retro-nasal olfaction, an oily and salty (kelp) peat wonderfully punctuate the tasting.

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Appearance : burnished gold with copper tinges.
Nose : rich, unctuous. The very complex first nose is peaty, chocolate, exotic (passion fruit, mango), waxy, honeyed (lime blossom, heather) and animal (smoked fish, bacon). Allowed to breathe, soot covers the aromatic palette. Citrus fruit (orange, mandarin) and ripe apricot are then gradually placed on a lunar landscape. The image is subtle. At the same time, aromas of hydrocarbon strengthen the telluric character of this Elements of Islay.
Palate : lively yet creamy. First, on the attack, the freshness of a herbaceous distillate which also stages a rather dry peat crosses the palate. The sherry’s influence is highlighted by the presence of dried fruit (Corinthian raisin, date, fig). On the mid-palate, aromatic plants (chervil, bay leaf) and cut grass create a lush transition. Very quickly, however, peat, smoke, soot and ash take us to the edge of a moon crater.
Overall : long, full. Rich, with its notes of crème brûlée, the start of the finish is empyreumatic (apricot stone, thuja, diesel). Next, very naturally, red fruits (red currant, raspberry) and black fruits (blackcurrant, blueberry) spread across the palate. The end of the palate has a very delicate mouthfeel. Cocoa bean, chestnut and roasted walnut literally roll across the tongue. On the retro-nasal olfaction, lime appears alongside mint leaves, as an oily and salty (seaweed, kelp) peat takes over the very end of the palate. The empty glass is animal (andouille sausage, leather), ashy and oily (smoked fish).

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