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At the dawn of 2010, we selected an utterly superb bourbon-cask Edradour distilled in 2003. Then in 2013 we added another bourbon cask aged 10 years and distilled in the same year to our “Artist” range. Five years later, it’s time to taste the third instalment in a saga whose theme is the passing of time. And it has to be said, age hasn’t given this bottling a single wrinkle. Instead it has simply been enriched with honeyed notes that give it a little more maturity. As for the rest, it has managed to maintain all the mischief of its younger years.

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Profile: the distinguished initial nose is spicy and medicinal (balm, pepper, camphor). It is also hugely exotic (pineapple). Warm (dry straw), it becomes increasingly floral (lily). The invigorating attack is malty and the mid-palate reveals dried fruit (almond, apricot) and strong spices (curry). The heady finish is liquorice and milky. Notes of salicornia underscore its salinity. Delicately chocolate, the end of the palate is also lush (verbena).

Single Cask no. 97 – Bourbon Barrel
Limited edition of 120 bottles
Exclusive to LMDW

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