EDRADOUR 10 YO 2010 French Connections S.V 46%


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Originally named Glenforres (1825), the distillery was renamed Edradour in 1837. Owned by Pernod Ricard from 1982, it was bought by Andrew Symington (Signatory Vintage) in 2002. It was fully renovated in 2019. With incredible richness, right from the start, the aromatic palette of this magnificent Edradour plunges us into an incredibly deep and luxurious universe. Just as dense and concentrated, the flavour palette moves fluidly from an initial sequence continually refreshed by juicy fruits and infused aromatic plants to a rustic and autumnal finish that culminates in an incredibly delicate texture.

Profile: the well-developed first nose is extremely balsamic (sherry vinegar). Allowed to breathe, dark chocolate, candied orange and toffee pay testament to the warm nature of the aromatic palette. Red fruits (strawberry) and exotic fruits (mango, persimmon) punctuate this initial sequence of aromas. The full-bodied and lively attack is characterized by notes of cinnamon and ginger. It becomes honeyed (lime blossom) and infused (bay leaf). Fruits (grape, white peach) then release a deliciously sweet juice. The concentrated start of the finish is roasted (coffee, tobacco). Next, as on the nose, fruits – now dried – arrive in number (fig, date, chestnut).

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Appearance : mahogany with glints of green.

Nose : rich, well-developed. Extremely balsamic, like the stunning sherry vinegar it invites us to breathe in on the first nose, the tasting gets off to a strong start. Allowed to breathe, dark chocolate, candied orange, cumin, ginger and toffee give an idea of the aromatic palette’s warm character. Red fruits (strawberry, raspberry) and exotic fruits (mango, persimmon, guava) then punctuate a demanding first sequence of aromas, which requires the taster’s concentration at every moment.

Palate : full-bodied and lively. Like the nose, the attack is oxidative. Also powdery (cinnamon, ginger) and sweet (caramel), it then becomes deliciously honeyed (lime blossom) and infused (bay leaf, camomile). On the mid-palate, crushed fruits (black grape, white peach, prune, fresh fig) release a truly delicious juice. Finally, dark chocolate gives a particularly mouth-watering bitterness to an impressively long initial flavour sequence.

Overall : long, concentrated. The roasted (coffee, mocha, tobacco) start of the finish evokes a freshly tilled soil rich in trace minerals. Straw flavours bring to mind the end of the harvest. Next, as on the nose, fruits – now dry (fig, date, chestnut, walnut) – arrive in number and bring lots of flesh to the very end of the palate. On the retro-nasal olfaction, grated ginger, Russian leather and empyreumatic notes of wood varnish and cherry wood chisel a signature into the bottom of the second sequence of flavours.

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