DEL MAGUEY Madrecuixe 47%


The initial nose is characterised by notes of dry earth, leather, grey pepper and peat. It becomes salty and lemony upon airing. It gains considerably in finesse and precision. This mezcal needs time to breathe. The attack is beautifully fruity and floral (rose, peony). The mid-palate reveals very warm tinges of salt and pepper. Lemon zest adds tone to the back palate.

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Del Maguey is a collection of fine, rare and 100% agave mezcals distilled by families in the State of Oaxaca. Each mezcal carries the name of the village in which it is produced. The “palanquero” warms hot stones in a hole dug in the ground, then prepares the hearts of agave which are placed inside and roasted over the heat for a several days. They are then ground in a stone mill in order to collect the mash which ferments naturally. Distillation is carried out in wood-fired clay or copper stills. Del Maguey can lay claim to over 400 years of tradition. All of its products are certified “organic”.

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