DEL MAGUEY Iberico 49%


Del Maguey Iberico is a clay pot distilled pechuga mezcal from Santa Catarina Minas with a unique twist – it is produced with Iberico ham in the still, known as the “pechua” style which incorporates meat into the distillation chamber during the last run.

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Del Maguey is a collection of fine, rare and 100% agave mezcals distilled by families in the State of Oaxaca. Each mezcal carries the name of the village in which it is produced. The “palanquero” warms hot stones in a hole dug in the ground, then prepares the hearts of agave which are placed inside and roasted over the heat for a several days. They are then ground in a stone mill in order to collect the mash which ferments naturally. Distillation is carried out in wood-fired clay or copper stills. Del Maguey can lay claim to over 400 years of tradition. All of its products are certified “organic”.

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