COTSWOLDS Baharat Exotic Gin


This new Gin from the Coswolds distillery is a Small Batch that bring us from the Middle East to India. Baharat is a term from the Turkish language meaning “Spice Blend”. This gin is made from a base of juniper and coriander, to which is added an “exotic” blend of cardamom, cumin, cinnamon, black pepper, chilli, cloves to finish with a hint of oranges from Jaffa. An explosive cocktail for a gin that is both very spicy, fresh and aromatic.

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The Cotswolds Distilling Company was born out of a dream to produce ultra-premium small batch whisky and other spirits in one of the most beautiful region in the world. Located in Stourton, one of the most scenic countryside of England, the distillery began distillation during summer 2014, with the first limited edition batch of Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky ready for release in 2017. In the meantime, you must try Costwolds’ gin, produced with local and organic ingredients.

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