COMPASS BOX ARTIST #11 Pentalogy Bundle


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This year, Compass Box has created an entire Artist range for La Maison du Whisky. We had no doubt the project would inspire John Glaser — the man behind the Artist Blend — as we clearly speak the same language. The ARTIST #11 – Pentalogy collection is designed to be a work in its own right, presented in five separate acts.

Created by the talented whisky maker James Saxon, the range features five whiskies, each with its own evocative name. In tribute to the theme of origins, the names are directly inspired by the Aristotelian philosophy that encourages finding the right balance of virtue and the rejection of all excess. This quest for harmony and balance is a perfect reflection of a master blender’s work.

Designed by John Glaser, Pentalogy features:

  • GENEROSITY Artist #11 Pentalogy Scotland, Blended Grain – 51.9%, 70cl
  • FORTITUDE Artist #11 Pentalogy Scotland, Blended Whisky – 52.5%, 70cl
  • CONFIDENCE Artist #11 Pentalogy Scotland, Blended Whisky – 55.3%, 70cl
  • WISDOM Artist #11 Pentalogy Scotland, Blended Whisky – 50.1%, 70cl
  • WONDER Artist #11 Pentalogy Scotland, Blended Whisky – 52.4%, 70cl

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