COLEBURN 47 ans 1972 125th Anniversary G&M


Coleburn Distillery was established by John Robertson and Son in 1897, in the area of Longmorn just south of Elgin.

Designed by the famous Victorian architect Charles Doig, the building was completed in 1899 and production ran until 1913 when the distillery suffered the first of its closures.

Production was restarted in 1916 when the distillery was sold to the Clynelish Distillery company.

Coleburn was an unfortunate victim of the whisky loch of the 1980’s and due to it’s out-of-date equipment, the distillery was mothballed in 1985. The distilling license finally revoked in 1992.

Rarely released as a single malt, this exceptional cask, filled in 1972 is the last remaining cask from Coleburn that was matured in G&M’s warehouses in Elgin.

COLOUR: Golden

AROMA: Sweet BUTTERSCOTCH and ripe TROPICAL FRUIT aromas accompany notes of ripe BANANA. CARAMELISED SUGAR develops alongside WAXY CITRUS PEEL, slowly transforming into fresh GUAVA.

TASTE: Intensely sweet; fruity flavours of PASSION FRUIT, APRICOT and COOKED APPLE with a subtle mouth- warming CHILLI SPICE edge. Fresh PEACH and FLAMBÉED PINEAPPLE give way to a soft undertone of MINT LEAVES.

FINISH: A medium finish with sweet and ripe AUTUMNAL FRUIT and a lingering dry HERBAL edge.

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To mark this iconic anniversary, G&M has selected casks from distilleries that are closed, or from makes with stills no longer in existence.

Truly unique, these four exceptional casks provide a fitting tribute to 125 years spent in pursuit of perfection. These whiskies are consigned to history and G&M has released their very last cask from each to commemorate & celebrate their 125th Anniversary.

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