At one point, the gustatory palette of this bottling is so exuberant that it happily crosses the Atlantic Ocean to go first in the direction of the Golf of Mexico, more specifically to the Oaxaca region, before setting sailing for the Caribbean through its strong rum influence. In reality, this cognac from the Merlet house, named “L’Esprit de Guy”, is a sequence of different sketches each more inspired and incensed to travel than the next.

Profile: like rum. Vanilla, fruity (almond, walnut) and floral (honeysuckle, peony) notes on the nose. The palate evokes agave and cocoa beans.

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Appearance : orangey copper with glints of burnished gold.
Nose : full-bodied, delicate. Delicately woody, the initial nose is also vanillascented, fruity (almond, walnut) and floral (honeysuckle, peony). Once aerated, it becomes lightly medicinal (mustard seed) and mineral (chalk). Exotic fruit (mango, passion fruit), dark chocolate, liquorice and spices (cumin, cinnamon) add tempo to the aromatic palette in a breathless finish.
Palate : firm, lively. With huge energy, the palate goes beyond the nose to allow the expression of agave, blue slate, apricot stones, coriander and Russian leather notes. The mid-palate wavers between cocoa beans and vanilla pods. At this point it bears a striking resemblance to rum.
Overall : mellow, silky. Velvety tannins coat the taste buds. The finish clearly points to a morning mug of hot chocolate. It becomes gradually floral (orris butter, carnation). The retro-nasal olfaction evokes spices (ginger, cinnamon) and the empty glass is herbaceous (grapevine flower) and cocoa-scented.

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