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A very complex single malt that develops gently: notes of floor polish, rich, smooth notes of fruit and butter caramel; intense warmth develops into an aromatic finish that leaves a seriously smooth dry sensation in the mouth. Evocative, firm and cheerful, surprisingly fresh and yet reminiscent of the past, it layers classical notes of coastal ozone, brine and peat with a fruity perfumed complexity, a gentle warmth, which is even lovelier once tempered. This brings out a certain lightness whilst also revealing even more elegant, creamy layers of flavours.

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Appearance : Clear, bright golden yellow. Nice viscosity.

Nose : Immediate and complex, beautifully fresh. A smooth waxy honey-cake attack cut by sharp, fruity notes of resin. Syrupy, the sweetness evolves with a creamy note of butter caramel, counterbalanced by raisins and a caramelised fruitiness (burnt orange) or red apples and autumn berries. This is followed by just a hint of acidity (vinaigrette and pine resin). Tempering liberates creamy, heady fragrances of rosewater Turkish delight or perfumed candles, followed by fresh notes of mint and smooth butter caramel, then aromas of herbs, apple, blackberry, pear and pineapple, and finally woody notes of tobacco or pencil shavings.

Palate : Magical. Clean, suave, fruity and very aromatic. The warmth of the pepper and the creamy softness of butter caramel, balanced by a sharp fruitiness and a hint of liquorice. Tempering softens and refreshes it, bringing out a softer mouth-feel. The smooth fruitiness is counterbalanced by floral and clean mineral notes, pepper and a hazelnutty/biscuity dryness.

Overall : Short to medium. Very smooth and elegant, marked by an intense, spicy heat. Gently becomes drier with hazelnuts, silky tannins of dried cocoa beans, a touch of cigar box and a purifying character. Adding water refreshes the finish, giving it sharper notes of fresh cedar and much later, dark chocolate truffles.

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