Having reached its peak age at 20 years old, this bottling distilled on 19 July 1997 reveals Clynelish in a particularly unexpected light. To illustrate its point, it has chosen not only to break with convention but also to hit hard with its aromatic palette. Without further ado, the start of the palate immediately proclaims loud and clear its need for exoticism and its love of white spirits. So much so that this incensed cry will remain indelibly printed on the sensory memory of the taster. Then, cut to the quick, it takes a wild pleasure in exploring a universe in which u-turns are a sine qua non for ensuring everpresent originality.
Profile: the delicate initial nose is salty, malty and lemony. Gradually it becomes spicy (pepper), ashy and medicinal (balm). The very exotic (lychee) and fruity (raspberry) attack invites us to taste all sorts of white spirits. The mid-palate is milky (coconut), with baking notes (cake). The generous finish is delicately liquorice and herbaceous (clover, lucerne). The end of the palate is characterized by dried fruit (walnut, chestnut).
Highland, Single Malt – 58.4%, 70cl
Single Cask #6927 – Ex-Bourbon
Limited edition of 266 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

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Appearance : vibrant gold.

Nose : ethereal, delicate. On the initial nose, a pinch of salt is sprinkled over freshly cut barley and yellow lemons. Gradually it becomes peppery and fruity (apple, pear). Allowed to breathe, a thin layer of ash and ginger root covers the aromatic palette. This development reaches its climax with the arrival of medicinal notes (balm, mustard poultice). Each aroma nests perfectly amongst the others.

Palate : dense, lively. The very exotic (lychee, passion fruit) and fruity (raspberry, strawberry) attack is particularly original. It even shakes the taste buds, bringing us to the lands of white spirits (raspberry, blackcurrant, apricot, etc.). The mid-palate then returns to malted and lactic lands (coconut, almond, crème fraiche). With time, it reveals more and more sweet notes (cake, Panettone) whilst ensuring it never forgets the exotic fruit and red fruit from the attack.

Overall : long, generous. Delicately liquorice, the finish has lots of bite. Reproducing the originality of the palate, it reveals notes of clover, lucerne, sage and lemon balm. Then, abundant dried fruits (walnut, chestnut, date) bring lots of consistency. The retro-nasal olfaction is milky (barley porridge) and fruity (apple, pear). The empty glass wavers between malted barley, lychee, raspberry and spice (cinnamon).

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