Chichibu Paris Edition 2020


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The fruit of a blend of five casks distilled in 2013 – one first-fill bourbon (peated), three virgin oaks and one port pipe – and three casks distilled in 2014 – two quarter casks (chibidaru) and one red wine cask, The Chichibu Paris Edition 2020 boasts remarkable depth and originality. Creating the perfect union between maturations whose diversity are rivalled only by their complexity, it wavers constantly between very simple classicism and very intense exuberance. Rich in twists and turns, the palette of flavours and aromas is filled with little scenes each more inspired and expressive than the next and pays tribute to the great talent of blender and distillery founder Ichiro Akuto.
Profile: the concentrated first nose is characterized by notes of precious wood (beeswax), exotic fruits (pineapple) and candied fruits (pear). Allowed to breathe, it becomes floral (lily) and herbaceous (cut hay). The very mineral aromatic palette gradually allows the appearance of red fruits (strawberry), light smoke and a little soot. The assertive attack is then juicy (William’s pear), before the mid-palate becomes malty and slightly peaty. The tertiary flavour palette is very mature. The dense start of the finish is spicy (black pepper, nutmeg), liquorice and vegetal (sage). At the end of the finish, black fruits (blueberry) underscore the stunning influence of the port and red wine. The retro-nasal olfaction is exotic (mango, passion fruit).

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Appearance : burnished gold with copper tinges.
Nose : full-bodied, concentrated. On the first nose, notes of precious wood (beeswax, oak stave) play opposite exotic fruits (pineapple, banana) and candied fruits (pear, apricot, apple). Allowed to breathe, it becomes increasingly floral (lily, violet) and herbaceous (cut hay, ivy). With time, the very mineral (slate, schist) aromatic palette allows the appearance of new fruits (blackcurrant, raspberry, strawberry) whilst becoming divinely honeyed (lime blossom, acacia). Gradually, smoke rings, soot and iris butter intensify the heady character of a particularly complex first sequence of aromas.
Palate : assertive, rich. With lots of class, the attack then provides its own take on the marvellously fruity and juicy character of the aromatic palette (William’s pear, black grape, pineapple). On the mid-palate, grains of malted barley and a fairly oily, light peat very gently envelop the taste buds. Tertiary (Corinthian raisin, fig), the flavour palette gradually reveals a very mature expression. The end of the palate is vanilla, chocolate, mentholated and slightly roasted (tobacco, coffee).
Overall : long, dense. At the start of the finish, strong spices (black pepper, nutmeg, clove) make a particularly lively entrance. They are accompanied by liquorice stick and aromatic plants (sage, verbena). At the end of the finish, notes of red and black fruits (blueberry, red currant) underscore the stunning influence of the port and red wine. Rich (biscuit, cake), the retro-nasal olfaction is also full of exoticism (mango, passion fruit). The empty glass is honeyed (lavender), ashy, spicy (cinnamon), profoundly malty and floral (carnation, hyacinth).

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