CHICHIBU 2014 Chibidaru


Created in 2008, Japanese single malt whisky Chichibu is already well known to Japanese whisky enthusiasts as well as whisky connoisseurs in general. Produced entirely at its distillery, and soon for certain cuvées using local barley and peat, and even Japanese oak, Chichibu is on its way to becoming the first 100% Japanese whisky, thanks to the efforts of its creator, Ichiro Akuto. Fermented in mizunara (a highly sought-after variety of Japanese oak for whisky) and distilled in small stills, the liquid collected is surprising in its maturity and complexity, even at a very young age. A true artisanal whisky.

From the expertise of its creator, Ichiro Akuto, every new release of Chichibu is always eagerly anticipated. Another chapter is therefore being written with the release of this new Chichibu Chibidaru, the Japanese equivalent of the “quarter cask.”

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Tasting Notes

: Fruity, vegetal. Evokes the fresh and spring-like character of Irish whiskies. Notes of Williams pear, peach, and red fruits (blackberry, blackcurrant, raspberry). Passion fruit suddenly emerges from the glass. Citrus and pomegranate juice follow. In the background, a more cereal base, of malted barley, white oak (fresh butter and mentholated freshness).

Palate : At the degree, purely and simply Irish. A jumble of blackcurrants, mint, boxwood, then notes of white oak. The nut and hazelnut are still green and milky. The sweetness persists.

Finish : Mentholated freshness. Lingers on dried fruits. Salivating.

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