CHICHIBU 2012 Pinot Noir Finish The Little Big Book


Japanese Single Malt – 63.1%, 70cl
Single Cask no. 5077 – Red Wine Cask
An LMDW exclusive
Since 2010, Ichiro Akuto and his team have regularly visited Hokkaido, the most northerly island in the Japanese archipelago, to buy mizunara oak, which is then worked by the distillery’s two coopers. In May 2018, after three years of searching, they finally found the same iconic variety of oak in the mountains surrounding Chichibu. This absolutely remarkable bottling is the perfect illustration of the great care taken over cask selection. Full of contrasts, it reveals extremely subtle exotic and floral tones. Then, in a spellbinding finish, it brings the palette of aromas and flavours to beautiful lands of semi-darkness.
the delicate initial nose is an invitation to taste a range of jams (orange, apricot). It develops into notes of precious wood and brandied cherries before becoming spicy (nutmeg). The silky attack is oxidative (strawberry purée) and the mouthfeel voluptuous. The mid-palate is particularly exotic (mango, guava) and waxy. Differing from the palate, the finish is medicinal, camphoric and hot (paprika). With lots of maturity, the end of the palate is characterized by dried fruit (date, fig).

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Appearance : orangey copper with glints of mahogany.

Nose : full-bodied, delicate. An array of jams (orange, red currant, apricot) literally escape from the glass. These are followed by notes of noble wood and cherry brandy. This gentle oxidative note quickly cedes to cocoa bean, candied ginger and pipe tobacco. As a whole it shows huge cohesion and maturity. Gradually, spices (saffron, nutmeg, clove) highlight the aromatic palette’s noble character.

Palate : enveloping, silky. For its part magnificently oxidative (bramble and strawberry purée), the attack has a very voluptuous mouthfeel. The ethereal mid-palate invites us to conquer particularly exotic lands (mango, guava, persimmon, lichee). Beeswax and black liquorice then gradually coat the taste buds. The end of the palate is marvellously heady (rose petal, lavender).

Overall : long, invigorating. Willingly differing from the palate, the finish is first medicinal (mustard), camphoric and hot (paprika). Notes of corinthian raison then beautifully underscore the red wine cask’s influence. Little by little, dried fruits (date, sweet chestnut, fig) illustrate its development into a more autumnal register. The rich (mocha, Liège coffee) retro-nasal olfaction then takes on coppery, twilight tones. The empty glass reveals citrus fruit (bitter orange), the fragrance of old woodwork, cherry jam and cocoa powder.

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