CHICHIBU 2012 First Fill Bourbon Barrel The Little Big Book


Japanese Single Malt – 63.5%, 70cl
Single Cask no. 1776 – Bourbon Barrel
An LMDW exclusive
In just a decade, the single malt produced at the Chichibu distillery has become a cult classic. Right from the start, owner Ichiro Akuto made a lasting impression by proposing a truly remarkable initial bottling aged just three months, distilled in July 2008 and bottled in October of the same year. The Chichibu style was born. With no fear of exploring other universes to find new sources of inspiration, this limited edition showcases the full breadth of work carried out by Ichiro and his team to repeatedly reinvent a history already rich in bottlings that rival each other in their excellence. Hats off!
the refined, very peppery first nose is also heady (broom), meaty, chocolatey and herbaceous (absinthe). Allowed to breathe, it becomes exotic (pineapple) and medicinal. Curry notes recall a Jura Vin Jaune. The rich attack follows on perfectly from the nose. The mid-palate is saline and mealy, and run through with fruity and floral paths. The radiant finish is liquoricey and roasted (coffee). Recalls the world of sake. On the retro-nasal olfaction, ripe fruit (Mirabelle plum) and aromatic plants (chamomile) take over the entire palate.

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Appearance : golden yellow.

Nose : refined, distinguished. The very peppery first nose shows huge personality. Behind peppercorn aromas, we glimpse heady florals (broom, iris), meaty notes, chocolate and the fragrance of absinthe. Allowed to breathe, the increasingly ripe and exotic fruit (William’s pear, pineapple) and an extremely medicinal character rival each other in intensity. Notes of curry and quince recall a venerable Pierre Overnoy Vin Jaune.

Palate : concentrated, rich. Continuing on perfectly from the fruit found on the nose, the attack is pleasure in its purest form. White peach, fresh walnut, iris butter, a deliciously sandy mouthfeel and a remarkably refreshing salinity make up other pathways leading to a hugely smooth mid-palate. The very end of the palate rests on tertiary notes, alternating between shaded (moss, mushroom) sunny (candy cane, dessicated grape, straw, date).

Overall : long, well-rounded. Inseparable from the palate, the finish is liquoricey and roasted (coffee, back tea). A true invitation to travel, it invites us to discover the world of rare sake. Scents of flowering cherry trees and sour cherry flavours (Morello cherry) bring lots of subtlety to this extraordinary Chichibu. The retro-nasal olfaction is a free association of ripe fruits (Mirabelle plum, yellow plum), aromatic plants (chamomile, verbena) which takes over the entire palate. The empty glass is nobly woody, spicy (clove, nutmeg), milky (almond) and chocolatey (cocoa powder).

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