CHAMAREL 4 Year 2014 58%


Chamarel is a jewel distillery founded in 2008 by Couacaud family in the south of the island, closed to the marvelous seven colored earth area. It’s a small plant in the middle of its 300 hectars property with 35 of sugar cane fields. It’s an extraordinary raw material, harvested by hand, doing fermentation with own cultivation of yeasts and distillation in different stills. So Chamarel can produce different rums, lighter distilled in Barbet single column, or heavier with double distillation, with a pot still Cognacaise and an Armagnacaise still. This rum is a sugar cane juice rhum, distilled in September 2014 in single column still. Aged 4 tropical years in Mauritius island, and bottled straight from the cask at 58%. Total production 2.284 bottles

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