CARONI TRINIDAD 22 ans 1998 Dayanand Balloon Employees 4th Rel.


Trinidad-&-Tobago, Traditional Rum – 68.3%, 70cl
Limited edition of 1180 bottles – LMDW Exclusive

Dedicated to Dayanand “Yunkoo” Balloon, who worked at the distillery for 10 years, this small batch of six casks was selected on 12 April 2019 by Luca Gargano with the help of 26 die-hard Caroni fans. With an angels’ share as high as 80%, this version invites us to a constant battle between the hydrocarbon notes for which this spectacular, inspired and moving rum is renowned and incredibly intense fruity and floral tones. Worthy of a Shakespearean play, the tasting’s three acts teem with sequences each stronger than the next and bring the palette of aromas and flavours a feeling of timelessness.

Deep orangey copper

Powerful, well-balanced. On the first nose, blood orange, curry, wild strawberry and camphor create a particularly inspired and stately collection of aromas. Allowed to breathe, candied apricot, grilled walnut, salted butter caramel and heady florals (lily, carnation, wallflower) add a hint of classicism to the aromatic palette. In the background, oily notes of hydrocarbon (petrol, fuel) form the creamy and mineral backbone of this Caroni.

Lively, invigorating. The very medicinal (arnica, ointment, mustard poultice) attack chooses a direct path to affirm the oh-so unique Caroni style. Petrol fumes float to the surface of the flavour palette. Not easily taken in, however, florals (broom, mimosa), pressed lemon and candied apricot create the perfect sparring partners. The end of the palate is powdery (cocoa), oily (black olive) and camphoric.

Long, velvety. From cocoa bean to vanilla pod, fresh walnut to grilled chestnut and empyreumatic notes of soot to rose petal, the start of the finish is original and yet very Caroni. Gradually, grilled banana, mango and guava add more than a hint of exoticism to the very end of the palate. The retro-nasal olfaction is a rather subtle mix of diesel, citrus fruit, dried fruit and sweet spices (cinnamon, ginger). The empty glass is undeniably chocolate, crushed (hazelnut, almond), liquorice and spicy (star anise, nutmeg).

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