CARONI TRINIDAD 20 ans 2000 Basdeo Ramsarran Employees 4th Rel.


Trinidad-&-Tobago, Traditional Rum – 64,3%, 70cl
Limited edition of 1251 bottles – LMDW Exclusive

Dedicated to Basdeo “Dicky” Ramsarran, who worked at the distillery for 20 years, this small batch of six casks aged entirely in Trinidad & Tobago is one of the youngest vintages of this legendary distillery which closed in 2002. With an angels’ share almost as high as 80%, in every way, in terms of both aromas and flavours, this version takes pains to express the empyreumatic style so characteristic of Caroni. Nonetheless, avoiding caricature at all costs, it is also very exotic (mango), chocolate, spicy, floral and fruity (raspberry). A fan of long-haul travel, it takes us to the banks of the Ciron to admire the botrysized vineyards of Sauternes.

Orangey copper

Refined, powdery. On the first nose, the famous Caroni notes of hydrocarbon answer the call. Fans will love the aromas of petrol diesel, sleet and burnt wood that fill the air. But it has yet more to offer. Allowed to breathe, exotic fruits (mango, banana, guava), chocolate, citrus fruit (lemon, orange), walnut, apricot, plants (lovage, lemon balm) and flowering geraniums bring lots of complexity to the aromatic palette. This duality of aromas leads to a Caroni that is at once heady, exuberant and bursting with class.

Taut, lively. True to the nose, the attack is tarry, earthy, rancio, chocolate and floral (gardenia, freesia). On the mid-palate, spices (clove, curry, ginger) appear alongside very ripe banana and quince jelly. Next, on either side of the palate, bitter oranges release a tangy juice that refreshes the taste buds. In the background, tiger balm, camphor and musk play hide and seek with raspberry, bramble and apricot. Further still, aromatic plants (bay leaf, chervil, sorrel) take us quickly towards the finish.

Long, fresh. Continuing the tasting where it left off, the start of the finish is like a very old Sauternes with pronounced tile-red shades. Volcanic, with notes of lava and ash, it is also vanilla, creamy (coconut, almond) and rich (rum baba). Gradually, smoke rings from a powerful Havana cigar cross the palate. On the retro-nasal olfaction and empty glass, the hydrocarbon notes reveal they were in fact always in play.

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