CAOL ILA 8 ans 2012 French Connections


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After Ledaig, Glenlivet, Benrinnes and Glenallachie, it’s now the turn of Islay distillery Caol Ila to write a new chapter in the Maison du Whisky’s Plume Collection, whose theme is sherry cask ageing. Caol Ila is one of those whiskies that inspires humility. Just trying to describe it lessens the strong emotions it inspires. Nonetheless, it would be impossible not to want to share these rare moments with as many enthusiasts as possible! How could one not talk about the oh-so tumultuous palette of aromas? How could one not mention the sublime sensation of harmony and serenity emanating from the palette of flavours that offers the taster the opportunity to escape far, far away?
Profile: the complex aromatic palette begins by highlighting the peat’s oily, medicinal, salty, iodine, camphoric, ashy, milky and even spicy propositions. Next, it expresses the sherry’s rancio, chocolate, tangy (cherries in brandy), herbaceous (lime blossom) and intensely fruity (orange, mandarin) character. The nuanced attack boasts a remarkably united tone. Tobacco flavours appear in perfect harmony with notes of lobster and smoked fish. The end of the palate is fruity (raspberry), floral (rose) and chocolate. At the start of the finish, smoke rings cross the sky of the flavour palette as black tea pours over the palate. On the retro-nasal olfaction, mango and guava add a touch of exoticism to the very end of the palate.

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Appearance : mahogany with glints of green.
Nose : What a battle between peat and sherry! Refined, complex. Each player has no end of arguments. The peat first is in turn icy, oily, medicinal, salty, iodine, camphoric, ashy, milky, lemony, spicy (saffron) and so on and so on. The sherry then reveals a stunning rancio that takes on chocolate, spicy (ginger, cinnamon), tangy (cherries in brandy), herbaceous (mint, lime blossom), fruity (orange, mandarin) and tertiary (date, fig, carob) tones.
Palate : Such harmony of peat and sherry! Lively, nuanced. After taking on the entire aromatic palette, the attack shines for its remarkably united tone. Cigar lovers will have a huge choice for selecting their favourite module. At the same time, close to the sea, lobster and smoked fish flavours further elevate the tasting. At the end of the palate, in a sparkling and enveloping crescendo, red fruit, rose petal and a rooty, chocolate peat rival each other in inspiration.
Overall : What serenity from both peat and sherry! Long, full-bodied. At the start of the finish, very elegant smoke rings cross the sky of the flavour palette as flavours of black tea, crumble and chocolate tart are placed delicately on the palate. On the retro-nasal olfaction, fruits (mango, persimmon, guava) add a touch of exoticism to an increasingly radiant universe. The mouthfeel reveals rare sensuality. The empty glass is a loyal reflection of the flavour and aroma palette’s noble expression.

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