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In addition to its official peated bottlings, Caol Ila also produces an unpeated single malt, primarily used by master blenders. Nonetheless, since 2006, a number of unpeated Caol Ila have been added to the distillery¡¯s range of official bottlings. Standing at the crossroads of the smoky and smoke-free paths taken by Caol Ila, this version – which was selected by La Maison du Whisky at the famous London institute Berry Bros & Rudd – is the ideal starting point for discovering the world of peated whiskies. Like a Pointilist painter, this Caol Ila uses small brushstrokes to paint a picture that aims to authentically reproduce the atmosphere which reigns on the Isle of Islay.
the well-balanced initial nose is characterized by notes of damp straw, malted barley, ash and incense. Allowed to breathe, a rich, oily peat takes control. With time it becomes floral (violet) and medicinal (iodine tincture). The taut attack is smoky and malty. It is also mineral (schist), lemony and fruity (pear). On the mid-palate, tapenade and smoked meat flavours bring lots of consistency to the end of the palate. The refreshing start of the finish is rooty (ginger) and salty. It is both liquoricey and fruity (white grape). On the retro-nasal olfaction, coconut milk and vanilla spread across the taste buds.
Single Malt ¨C 58% – 70 cl
Single Cask no. 319478 ¨C Hogshead
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Appearance : pale gold.
Nose : refined, balanced. Characterized by notes of damp straw, malted barley, ash and incense, the initial nose is very direct and precise. Allowed to breathe, a rich, oily (savory) and mentholated peat begins to take action. It brings lots of length and sweetness to the aromatic palette. It then lingers naturally with floral (lavender, violet), salty and medicinal (iodine tincture) notes.
Palate : taut, lively. The attack unmistakably centres on smoke and malted barley. Remarkably mineral (pencil lead, schist), it is also lemony and fruity (pear, apple). On the mid-palate, tapenade and smoked meat (bacon, bresaola) flavours bring lots of consistency and sweetness. Gradually, white florals (lilac, lily of the valley) pierce through notes of tar and soot. Spectacular!
Overall : long, fresh. Muddled at the end of the palate, the start of the finish is rooty (ginger, ginseng) and bursting with mineral salts. With incredible liquorice richness, it is also fruity and juicy (white grape, William¡¯s pear). Gradually, white mint, coconut milk and vanilla take over the very end of the palate. Heady florals (peony, freesia) perfume a delicate and elegant retro-nasal olfaction. The empty glass is undeniably malty, medicinal (ointment), vegetal (artichoke) and mineral (lava).

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