BOWMORE 45 ans 1972 30th Anniversary S.V


Established in 1779, the Bowmore distillery is the oldest distillery on the Isle of Islay. Approximately 30% of the barley used is malted on-site. Its legendary warehouse no. 1 is below sea level and one of the oldest warehouses in Scotland. The Bowmores of the 60s and 70s quite rightly enjoyed huge renown amongst enthusiasts around the world. Distilled on 21 June 1972, this version is a perfect example of this era’s exuberant and flamboyant style, with incredibly complex fruit, supremely elegant peat and simply wild charm.

Signatory Vintage is amongst one of the most important Independent Bottlers. Throughout their history, they have maintained uncompromisingly high selection standards. Their warehouses abound in priceless treasures. For their 30th anniversary, Signatory Vintage bottled some of their finest casks; featuring very old vintages from prestigious distilleries. This Bowmore is more of them; akin to the older style Bowmore bottlings; think funky, musty tropical fruits. On the palate, it has been likened to being “reminiscent” of the legendary White Bowmore.
Profile: the refined initial nose is fruity (orange, fig, passion fruit) and elegantly woody Allowed to breathe, peat and smoke appear. The lively attack restores exotic fruits, whilst the mid-palate is taken up entirely by a very elegant peat. The finish wavers nobly between peat, camphor and incense. Single Cask no. 388 – Sherry Butt.

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