BOWMORE 18 ans 2001 The Little Big Book S.V


Islay Single Malt – 55.4%, 70cl
Single Cask #106 – Sherry Butt Finish
Limited Edition of 692 bottles – LMDW Exclusive
The single malt produced by the Bowmore distillery is composed of one third barley malted on site and two thirds barley from the English maltings Simpsons. Both varieties have a phenol count of 25 ppm. Fermentation lasts between 48 hours and 100 hours. Finally, there are 27,000 casks maturing at the distillery, some of which are in two clay warehouses (dunnages), including the famous Warehouse No.1, which is located below sea level. A subtle blend of classicism and exuberance, this complex bottling has no problem drawing from its depths the energy and vitality needed to achieve its goal of respecting the inimitable “Bowmore” style to the letter.

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Colour: vibrant golden yellow.

Nose: rich, oily. Smoked fish, sage, green olive, incense, cumin, wet, oily peat, lemon and salt are all revealed on the almost mystical first nose. Allowed to breathe, it becomes exotic (pineapple, banana), vanilla and spicy (pepper, clove). Becoming increasingly medicinal (ointment, mustard poultice), the aromatic palette continually becomes more powerful. Peach and passion fruit appear in a grande finale.

Palate: lively, resolute. The attack hits the palate with a first spicy and hot (cayenne) arrow. Next, an oily, vegetal (straw) and very saline peat envelops the taste buds. The mid-palate is then very natural and exotic (pineapple). Next, white florals (lilac, lily of the valley, lily) appear alongside notes of hot tarmac. A handful of aromatic plants (dill, coriander, chervil, bay leaf) fragrance the end of the palate.

Finish: long, balanced. The delicately smoky and ashy start of the finish is also creamy and vanilla (custard tart). Continually moving back and forth, the end of the palate seeks from the heart of the palette of aromas all the ingredients that will enable it to withstand the tests of time. On the retro-nasal olfaction, although the peat is considerably drier, it has maintained its marine and salty character. Summarizing the nose and palate, the empty glass is exotic, floral, spicy, peaty, earthy and smoky.

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