BLENDED MALT 19 YO 2001 Whisky Trail Elixir


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This blended malt it comprised of whiskies of a 2001 vintage, from several distilleries. It was aged for more than 19 years in a sherry butt, that yielded a total of 611 bottles. A creamy, delectable and fruity dram, owing to the richness of its sherry butt maturation.

Concert Series Vol.2
Cask reference: #56

NOSE: Toffee apples and poached pears, smothered with dark-chocolate-sauce, appear at first. Then, golden-syrup steamed sponge pudding and tea-soaked dried fruit.

PALATE: Full of fruit-and-nut fudge pieces and demerara sugar syrup. Plenty of dried fruit – figs and sultanas. Ginger Edinburgh rock mingles with spiced iced-fruit buns.

FINISH: Chocolate raisins and honeycomb pieces linger, along with Demerara-sugar-sweetened coffee dregs, leaving a shadow of enjoyable sweetness.

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The Whisky Trail is a collection of young and old casks, taking drinkers off the beaten path of whisky. Only whiskies that demonstrate the most exceptional characteristics are handselected to be bottled as part of The Whisky Trail range, and with each cask as unique as a fingerprint, no two expressions will ever be the same. To ensure each whisky maintains its full flavour and cask character, we never chill-filter or add colour.

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