BLAIR ATHOL 10 ans 2011 PX finish Antipodes B.Bros


Colour: burnished gold with copper tinges.

Nose: fine, generous. The tenderly malty first nose is also medicinal (ointment), fruity (orange) and spicy (black pepper). Allowed to breathe, the aroma palette becomes increasingly rich (brioche, Chelsea buns). The register then changes completely. Candied pear and lemon, bourbon vanilla and coconut milk now take centre stage.

Palate: delicate, nuanced. The divinely honeyed attack (lime blossom, bay leaf) is also apricot. On the mid-palate, flavours of gentian, liquorice stick and grated ginger bring the flavour palette a very pleasant silky and powdery aspect. Characterised by notes of porridge and oat cake, the end of the palate inexorably moves towards a more saline register.

Finish: long, well-balanced. Just like the first nose, the start of the finish is deeply malty, almost earthy and rooty. This cereal character also feeds the end of the finish, which is smooth. On the retro-nasal olfaction, notes of strawberry bonbon, acacia honey and pine resin magnificently punctuate the tasting. The empty glass is praline, herbaceous and spicy (curry).

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Founded in 1798 in the town of Pitlochry, the Aldour distillery was renamed Blair Athol in 1825. Mothballed between 1932 and 1949, it doubled its production capacity in 1973 from two to four stills. Full of character, the palette of flavours and aromas found on this sherry cask finish shows the Highland malt in a more medicinal and earthy light than usual. Very serene, it also tactfully recreates the soft expression that typically characterises the Blair Athol style.

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