BEN NEVIS 7 ans 2013 S.V


Nestling on the slopes of the highest mountain of Scotland, the Ben Nevis distillery was founded in 1825 by John MacDonald. It produces a powerful single malt, marked by spices, cereals and fruits. This Ben Nevis 8-year-old 2010 SV version has a very fruity profile only subtly affected by its ageing in second-fill ex-sherry barrels. The Un-Chillfiltered Collection gives whisky-lovers the opportunity to discover non-chill filtered singled malts, for one of the most authentic tasting experiences. Like cognacs, armagnacs and other great spirits, most whiskies nowadays are generally chill filtered. Rich, aromatic and oily, these whiskies are bottled from a small batch of between two and five casks before being reduced to 46%.


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Although the independent bottler Signatory Vintage cannot claim to be one of the oldest in Scotland, it has managed to build up an extremely solid reputation amongst the great malt connoisseurs. The creator of the famous range The Prestonfield and many other well-known ranges, it is best known for its un-chillfiltered and cask strength bottlings that offer amateurs the chance to enjoy their whisky in its most natural form. It was also one of the first independent bottlers to acquire a distillery and now offers a growing number of expressions of one of the most artisan single malts available.

The Cask Strength Collection of single malt and single grain whiskies is without doubt one of the most appreciated ranges. Each release is bottled undiluted, unchillfiltered and usually consists of a single cask. To help the consumer appreciate their whisky at more than a purely aromatic and gustatory level, Signatory Vintage takes care to display on each label, with great precision, the region of production, the date of distillation and bottling, the type of cask used, its number and the number of bottles of the same nectar that were produced. This range thus offers some fascinating facts, in addition to exceptional quality!

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