BEN NEVIS 22 Year Old 1996 Catalogue 2020 Elixir


After being renovated in 1984 and closed in 1986, Ben Nevis was bought by the Japanese group Nikka in 1989. Today, a small part of its production (2.5%) is used for a very peaty single malt named McDonald’s Traditional in tribute to the Long distillery’s founder, John McDonald. For some years now, Ben Nevis’ authentic and uncompromising style has inspired growing passion from enthusiasts around the world. Superbly fruity, herbaceous and malty, this incredibly natural bottling is a reminder that simplicity is a virtue capable of highlighting an underlying complexity.
the unctuous first nose is a combination of acacia honey, cinnamon and green walnut. Allowed to breathe, the aromatic palette becomes more herbaceous (sage), candied (pear), medicinal (camphor) and exotic (pineapple). The exuberant attack (passion fruit, kiwi) is superbly oxidative. On the mid-palate, vanilla envelops the taste buds. The end of the palate is juicy (William’s pear). The rich start of the finish is like a vanilla flan. Tangy (lemon), it develops notes of blonde tobacco and toffee. The retro-nasal olfaction pays tribute to malted barley.
Single Cask no. 1789 – Hogshead
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Appearance : deep golden yellow.

Nose : refined, smooth. On the first nose, notes of acacia honey, roasted apple, cinnamon, green walnut and coconut milk mix together with lots of harmony. Allowed to breathe, the aromatic palette narrows and becomes more herbaceous (verbena, sage) and candied (pear). Increasingly concentrated, it gradually reveals a lovely medicinal sequence (ointment, camphor). In the background, very ripe exotic fruits (pineapple, banana) appear alongside malted barley. Ben Nevis in all its glory!

Palate : clean, lively. The exuberant attack (passion fruit, kiwi, fig) takes on the same oxidative character of the aromatic palette. On the mid-palate, bourbon vanilla and acacia honey gently envelop the taste buds. Next, notes of bay leaf and sorrel refreshingly draw out the juicy (William’s pear) and herbal (lime blossom, verbena) end of the palate. With time, a handful of citrus fruits (lemon, grapefruit) arrive to bring lots of energy to the flavour palette.

Overall : long, generous. Clearly evoking a vanilla flan or a pineapple tart, the start of the finish is also tangy (lemon, mandarin). Notes of blonde tobacco and toffee then rival each other intensity. The very end of the palate is mentholated and chocolatey. On the retro-nasal olfaction, malted barley resurfaces to definitively take the reins. With its notes of acacia honey, cinnamon, ginger and walnut, the empty glass is an exact copy of the first nose.

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