BEENLEIGH 13 Years 2006 Conquête


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Rums from the Beenleigh distillery undergo slow fermentation (12 days) and are distilled first in a column still and then in a pot still. This version has a strong personality and presents numerous arguments sure to appeal to the most demanding enthusiasts, including a natural elegance and unity of tone as well as a certain fruity, floral and medicinal exuberance.

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Appearance : orangey copper.
Nose : lively, powerful. The deliciously lemon and powdery (cocoa, ginger) first nose is also characterized by notes of varnish and beeswax. Allowed to breathe, chocolate, strong spices (nutmeg, clove) and cane sugar make for a very bright aroma palette. Gradually, this becomes increasingly exotic (mango, persimmon, guava), vanilla, tangy (orange zest) and medicinal (mustard, tiger balm).
Palate : at once lively and unctuous. Presenting a clear picture of a sugar cane field warmed by the sun, the attack is tangy (rhubarb) and medicinal (mustard poultice). The far more unctuous mid-palate is honeyed (acacia, heather), juicy (William’s pear) and vanilla. At the end of the palate, black liquorice seasoned with spices (star anise, cinnamon) gently envelops the sides of the palate.
Overall : long, assertive. The hot (Cayenne pepper, paprika) and heady (iris butter, lily) start of the finish is also camphoric and musky. Kaffir lime, candied ginger and geranium flavours then further underscore the flavour palette’s rich and exuberant character. The enchanting retro-nasal olfaction becomes one with the end of the finish, adding a pinch of salt and squares of dark chocolate. The empty glass is saffrony, empyreumatic (pine, cedar) and floral (dahlia, petunia, phlox).

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