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A blend of three vintages from 1998, 2003 and 2007, this version, baptized “Art Déco” and whose label is inspired by the famous 1920s art movement of the same name, is also a reminder that it was during this period that Jacques Bally first began producing rum at Lajus. Wonderfully recreating an incredibly noble wood, a deeply exotic, honeyed character and a spicy, medicinal temperament that closely reflects the cane, it reveals impressive maturity. With remarkable freshness, the beautifully oxidative rancio forms the cornerstone for a palette of flavours and aromas whose clean, geometric lines are astonishingly beautiful.

Profile: the well-balanced first nose reveals aromas of bitter orange, apricot and deliciously honeyed, floral (petunia) and medicinal (musk) cane juice. Allowed to breathe, it becomes increasingly exotic (mango, guava), vanilla and liquorice. The delicate attack is chocolatey, praline and sugary (sugar cane). On the mid-palate, spices appear alongside citrus fruit and heady florals (rose, reseda). The subtly tannic start of the finish underscores the remarkable quality of a spicy, roasted and empyreumatic (eucalyptus) wood. At the end of the palate, tonka and cocoa bean envelop the sides of the palate in a deliciously velvety coating.

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Appearance : orangey copper with glints of mahogany.
Nose : refined, balanced. On the first nose, sublime aromas of bitter orange and apricot balance perfectly with notes of deliciously honeyed, floral (geranium, petunia) and medicinal (musk, arnica) sugar cane juice. Allowed to breathe, it becomes increasingly exotic (mango, guava, banana), vanilla and liquorice. Gradually, pipe tobacco, wood polish, apricot stone and even more heady florals (iris, lily) play a key role in the luxurious character of the aromatic palette.
Palate : invigorating, delicate. The remarkably chocolate and praline attack is characterized by a very pure expression of sugar cane flavours. Next, spices (grey pepper, star anise, clove) bring lots of energy to a mid-palate that returns to citrus fruit (orange, grapefruit) and florals (rose, peony, reseda). Gradually, heather honey and rose petals delicately envelop the taste buds.
Overall : long, tight-knit. Velvety tannins highlight the quality of a spicy (ginger), roasted (coffee) and veiny (eucalyptus) wood. With time, cocoa and tonka bean envelop the sides of the palate in a deliciously bitter and velvety coating. On the retro-nasal olfaction, freshly pressed cane sugar and fragrances of flowering geranium draw out the tasting. The empty glass is nobly spicy (saffron), fibrous (sugar cane) and heady (iris butter). Much later, mango, juicy orange and quince jelly make it clear the tasting was yet to finish.

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