BALLY 2006 Brut de fût Conquête 57.5%


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On both the nose and the palate, this version constantly gains in power. Even more remarkably, it does so without any jolts and stutters and with an unexpectedly natural ease. The highlights that provide the pace for the tasting include a wonderfully oxidative fruit, a very delicate mouthfeel, the perfectly integrated wood and faultless unity of tone between the nose and palate.

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Appearance : orangey copper.
Nose : rich, full. The magnificently oxidative first nose (cherries in brandy, apricot) is also floral (lime blossom, honeysuckle) and honeyed (heather, lavender). Allowed to breathe, citrus fruits (orange, mandarin), cashew nuts, turmeric and mustard seed bring even more richness to the aroma palette’s extroverted character. Gradually, cocoa powder, orange zest, beeswax and black liquorice fill the air. With beauty, the fruity register becomes even more powerful.
Palate : both lively and smooth. The attack reveals a particularly silky texture (peach skin, leather) and is also powdery (cinnamon rice and semolina). On the mid-palate, apricot, orange, heady florals (geranium) and aromatic plants (bay leaf, sage) intertwine in deep harmony. The end of the palate places sugar cane at the heart of the flavour palette. Here again, the fruity and floral flavours have undergone incredible development.
Overall : long, well-balanced. For its part very tactile, the start of the finish is a mass of iris, candied ginger, grilled walnut and exotic fruits (plantain banana, mango, guava). The very end of the finish highlights the delicate nature of the perfectly integrated wood. On the retro-nasal olfaction, sugar cane pierces the palette of flavours. The empty glass is characterized by notes of iodine tincture and geranium flower.

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