BALLECHIN 2008 Sherry Matured 59,3%



Smell: Smooth, distinctive. You can actually smell the peanuts and corn. Then there are hints of curry, cardamom and a small touch of varnish which is particularly interesting and invigorating. It continues on to coffee and mocha.
Taste: very different from the smell. It has more herbaceous and cereal freshness. The humidity it gives off clearly contrasts with the heat felt around the nose. The taste of fruit appears (apricot, almond). They may be dry, but they contribute to the feeling of calm which prevails.
Finish: very different from the taste, it is remarkably spicy (clove, nutmeg). The vanilla from the new wood clearly emerges. This adds a lot of smoothness. The retrospective sense of smell wavers between notes of apricot and spices. The empty glass has a cereal smell.

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When the distillery was bought in 2002, Andrew Symington called on the services of Iain Henderson, the former director of Laphroaig, for the creation of a second, very peaty malt. Given the name of Ballechin, this second single malt is created using malted barley at 50 ppm phenols, a rate comparable to those of the smokiest malts produced on Islay. Available since 2006, it is sold as a yearly vintage in limited runs of 6,000 bottles. Even more revolutionary than its older sibling, Ballechin is aged entirely in casks that have previously held wine from Burgundy and Madeira.

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