BALLECHIN 11 ans 2010 Marsala Antipodes


Colour: bright gold.

Nose: rich, heady. The mentholated first nose is characterised by notes of freshly cut grass, aniseed, oak stave and cypress tree. Allowed to breathe, aromas of a very pure spirit occupy the heart of the aroma palette. On the edges we find white florals (lily of the valley, lily), citrus fruit (lemon, grapefruit), green liquorice, acacia honey and walnut stain.

Palate: dense, concentrated. The magnificently peppery attack also reveals particularly delicate eucalyptus, green almond and fresh walnut flavours. The liquorice mid-palate develops refreshingly into notes of white mint, fresh ginger and pine resin. Gradually, the flavour palette brings to mind delicious sweet treats (calisson d’Aix, bêtise de Cambrai mint sweets). At the end of the palate, William’s pear and Golden Delicious apples add a fruity touch to this vegetal universe.

Finish: long, well-rounded. Abundantly fruity (pear, greengage plum, banana, medlar), the start of the finish creates a lively relay and unveils notes of liquorice stick, walnut and chervil that recall the herbaceous character of the nose. In unison, the end of the palate adds a handful of garden vegetables (courgette, green tomato, green bean). On the retro-nasal olfaction, lime blossom honey and plant infusions (verbena, sage) arrive with perfect timing to refresh the palate. The heady empty glass reveals aromas of distillate, wash, mustard poultice and lemon balm.

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After being distilled for the first time in 2002—the same year Edradour was bought by Signatory Vintage — the first Ballechin was released in 2006. Peated to 50 ppm, in just two decades this malt has become a leading reference in the world of peated whiskies. Throughout the tasting this version selected in September 2021 and matured in a cask previously used for Sicily’s most famous wine reveals amazingly powerful notes of peat. And yet, whenever it loosens its grip, beautiful honeyed, floral, jammy and exotic oases appear and highlight the role played by the Marsala cask.

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