AUCHENTOSHAN 20 YO 2000 French Connections S.V 56%


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Founded in 1823, the Auchentoshan distillery is equipped with three stills, 1 wash still (17,500 litres), 1 intermediate still (8,200 litres) and 1 spirit still (11,500 litres). At the end of the third distillation, the new make spirit leaves the still at 82%. Very different from the Auchentoshan Artist from our 2020 Creation Catalogue, which was also distilled in 2000, this version chosen unanimously by the team at 20 Rue d’Anjou boasts all the mysteries that have built the renown of this single malt. For its aromas, which have numerous great qualities, it draws on steadfast minerality to better highlight the quality and diversity of its fruity and floral registers. Its flavours, which reveal resplendent maturity, continually become more complex and concentrated, as on the finish which visits every last drop of every note found in the tasting.

Profile: the well-balanced first nose is fruity (pear), medicinal (ointment), profoundly malty, honeyed (acacia) and floral (lily). Allowed to breathe, spices (clove), red fruits (raspberry) and vanilla bring lots of fullness to the aromatic palette. Lively yet creamy, the attack is lemony, vanilla and praline. The slender mid-palate is spicy (cumin), lush (alfalfa) and of course malty and fruity (pineapple, quince). Marvellously embodying the Auchentoshan style, the start of the finish reveals grains of malted barley adorned with honey (lavender), floral (violet), mineral (charcoal) and roasted (coffee) notes. Gradually, white mint and mimosa flavour an equally stunning malted end of the palate.

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Appearance : deep golden yellow.

Nose : refined, balanced. The very rich first nose is fruity (pear, Mirabelle plum), medicinal (ointment, band-aid), profoundly malty, honeyed (acacia) and floral (lily, iris). Allowed to breathe, spices (black palette, clove), red fruits (raspberry, strawberry) and vanilla bring lots of fullness and serenity to the aromatic palette. Gradually, this becomes increasingly heady (cornflower, violet, geranium) and mineral (limestone, slate). Magnificent.

Palate : lively yet creamy. Lively due to its incredibly precise citrus notes (lemon, grapefruit) and creamy due to its vanilla and praline flavours with an exquisitely delicate texture. The very slender mid-palate is spicy (cumin, ginger, nutmeg), lush (alfalfa, clover) and of course intensely malty and fruity (pineapple, pear, quince). Beaming with maturity, the end of the palate takes us through undergrowth (porcini, moss, pine resin).

Overall : long, superbly well-balanced. Marvellously embodying the Auchentoshan style from the start of the finish, grains of malted barley take on honey (lavender), floral (violet, old rose), mineral (charcoal, ink) and roasted (coffee, mocha) tones. Gradually, remarkably precise flavours of white mint, mimosa and aromatic plants (sage, verbena) transcend the flavour palette. On the retro-nasal olfaction, barley grain, orange blossom and the same white mint adorn the captivating flavours of the very end of the palate. The empty glass is medicinal (arnica), toasted (grilled bread) and vanilla.

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