ARRAN 14 YO 2006 Sherry Hogshead Single Cask 53.5%


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Located in the village of Lochranza, Arran distillery, which was founded in 1993 by Harold Currie, began producing whisky on 17 August 1995. Over time, many sherry cask versions bottled at cask strength, each more magnificent than the last, have enriched the Maison du Whisky’s Creation Catalogue. Just as outstanding, this version follows on perfectly from its predecessors. Both refreshing and sunny, with extreme delicacy, over the tasting, this version reveals all of the nuances of a palette of aromas and flavours that continually climbs ever higher. Chromatically, it leaves its indelible mark on the palate in an amber ink.

Profile: the distinguished first nose is characterized by notes of bitter orange, salted butter caramel and dark chocolate. Slender, once allowed to breathe it becomes exotic (passion fruit) and lingers with aromas of camomile, toffee and red fruit (strawberry). The nuanced attack is honeyed (lavender), apricoty and mentholated. On the mid-palate, spices (cardamom, pink peppercorn), juicy orange and pear create beautiful shades of crimson. The well-balanced finish is also spicy (clove) and powdery (cocoa). Lots of dried fruit and nuts (walnut, date, hazelnut) flood the palate. The retro-nasal olfaction is fruity (damson plum).

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Appearance : topaz.
Nose : elegant, distinguished. On the first nose, very refined bitter orange, salted butter caramel, beeswax and dark chocolate outline a remarkably classy rancio. Very slender, it develops notes of passion fruit, fresh walnut and cinnamon. Gradually, aromatic plants (chamomile, verbena), toffee and red fruits (cherry, strawberry) brilliantly punctuate the aromatic palette.
Palate : delicate, nuanced. The remarkably velvety attack is honeyed (lavender), apricoty and mentholated. On the mid-palate, noble spices (cardamom, dill, pink peppercorn), porcini, now juicy orange and William’s pear create stunning shades of crimson. The end of the palate is characterized by notes of tobacco and cinnamon.
Overall : long, balanced. Taking on the spicy character from the end of the palate, which is now even stronger (clove, nutmeg), the start of the finish is powdery (cocoa, cardamom seed) and fruity (Mirabelle plum and fig jam). This paves the way for a flood of numerous dried fruit and nuts (Corinthian raisin, date, walnut, almond, hazelnut). On the retro-nasal olfaction, damson plum and gooseberry further develop the fruity register of the flavour palette. The empty glass is spicy (ginger), herbaceous and deliciously woody (oak).

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