ARMORIK Pineau des Charentes Finish 59,3%


Located in Lannion, in C0‹0tes d¡¯Armor, the Warenghem distillery was the first distillery in France to begin producing whisky, in 1987: a blend known as WB. It produced its first single malt in 1998. Finished for 3 years in an ex-Pineau Des Charentes cask from Domaine Landier in the Fins Bois terroir of Cors, this version provides the perfect link between Brittany and the Cognac region. With remarkable balance, it highlights the quality of a spirit whose maturation has enabled it to take on the tones of a stunning Sauternes.
the fresh and unctuous initial nose is characterized by notes of apricot and raisin. Allowed to breathe, it becomes chocolatey and delicately liquoricey. Heady florals (peony) and spice bread punctuate the aromatic palette. The lively attack is tangy (lemon), mentholated and fruity (pear). The mid-palate is nobly exotic (mango, persimmon) and syrupy. The mature finish evokes a Sauternes wine. Pipe tobacco adds a roasted note.
Single Cask no. 8162 ¨C Pineau des Charentes Cask finish
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Appearance : copper with pink glints.
Nose : fresh and unctuous. On the initial nose, the Pineau Des Charentes¡¯ influence is underscored by notes of candied apricot and raisin. Allowed to breathe, the nose becomes more powerful, revealing chocolate and a delicate liquorice. Spice bread, a handful of heady florals (peony, narcissus) and vanilla then literally surge from the glass. Note the finesse of the wood and the tertiary register (porcini, lichen) of the aromatic palette.
Palate : lively, precise. The attack on the palate is tangy (lemon), mentholated and fruity (pear, apple). The slender mid-palate covers the taste buds in a noble liqueur of exotic fruits (guava, persimmon), quince jelly and apricot stone. The end of the palate is also malty, vanilla, spicy (pepper, nutmeg) and slightly medicinal (camphor).
Overall : long, complex. The nobility of the wood combined with the richness of the fruit give the start of the finish a very pleasant sensation of maturity and freshness. As it becomes increasingly heady, it evokes a delicately botrytized sweet wine (acacia honey). The retro-nasal olfaction is exotic (mango), praline and slightly roasted (pipe tobacco). The empty glass takes us to the region of Charente, and more specifically to a Cognac cellar.

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