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Founded in 2014 by Clémence and Thierry Ogez, Maison Arhumatic creates artisanal rum punches that respect four inseparable criteria: the rhythm of the seasons, the quality of each ingredient, taste and optimum maturity. These flavoured rum producers have, over the years, become true “master blenders”, as is shown by this latest original creation. Produced with Clairin Casimir 2008 and composed of lemon, ginger, cinnamon, mint and honey, Arhumatic Ayiti (Haiti in Creole) was designed to reproduce the aromas and flavours of the ti bonm drink (Haitian tea) which is so popular on this Caribbean island.

Profile: the fresh first nose is particularly fruity (lemon). Allowed to breathe, it becomes spicy (ginger, cinnamon) and herbaceous (peppermint). Gradually, an invigorating sugar cane juice spreads across the entire aromatic palette. The tonic attack is tangy (lime and candied lemon) and mentholated. On the mid-palate, flowers (geranium, rose) fragrance a wonderfully heady air. The dessert-like (lemon tart) start of the finish reveals new citrus fruits (kumquat). It lingers on empyreumatic notes of eucalyptus and tea (ti bonm).

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Appearance : burnished gold
Nose : fresh, unctuous. The extremely fruity first nose first characterized by citrus fruit (lemon). Allowed to breathe, it becomes nobly spicy (ginger, cinnamon) and herbaceous (peppermint). Then, gradually, delicious and invigorating sugar cane juice spreads across the surface of the aromatic palette. Note that the Clairin Casimir leaves a very soft imprint on the first step of the tasting. With time, spearmint leaves bring refreshment right on cue to a pleasantly heady (lily, tuberose) air.
Palate : lively, invigorating. Like the nose, the marvellously tangy (lime and candied lemon) attack reveals lots of herbaceous freshness (mint, verbena). On the mid-palate, heady florals (geranium, hyacinth) find the perfect match in citrus fruit and aromatic plants. With an incredibly creamy mouthfeel, the end of the palate steps up the the flavour palette’s floral character (rose petal, purple lilac).
Overall : long, smooth. The dessert-like (lemon tart, vanilla flan) start of the finish takes on the soft mouthfeel of the end of the palate. Next, new citrus fruits (kumquat, orange) appear alongside empyreumatic flavours of eucalyptus and cedar. At the very end of the palate, flavours of green mint tea clearly bring to mind a Haitian ti bonm. On the retro-nasal olfaction, heady florals and candied lemon wonderfully punctuate a tasting that showcases meticulous and inspired selection and blending work.

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