ARDMORE 2010 Very Cloudy S.V


Highland Single Malt – 43%, 70cl
Small Batch of 7 casks – Ex-Laphroaig Cask
Limited Edition of 2295 bottles – LMDW Exclusive
The Ardmore distillery has, since time immemorial, produced a peated single malt (12-14 ppm). The peat used for malting comes from Saint-Fergus, a village in Aberdeenshire. It also produces an unpeated version called Ardlair. Right from the start, this bottling prepares the ground for a tasting whose guiding theme is a multi- faceted peat. Fans will particularly appreciate the similarities with Laphroaig, particularly the way the peat gently takes hold of the palate. An archetypal Ardmore, it is also deeply malty and mineral.

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Colour: vibrant gold.

Nose: creamy and empyreumatic. On the first nose, gum arabica envelops an oily, floral (violet, dandelion, daisy) peat. On a chromatic front, a background of candied lemon and juicy pear brings beautiful golden tones. Allowed to breathe, malted barley grains, medicinal notes (mustard poultice, camphor) and ash accentuate the feeling of warmth emanating from the aromatic palette. Gradually, placed on the same slate, exotic fruits (banana, pineapple) and aromatic plants (sage, verbena) appear.

Palate: lots of eloquence and vitality. The milky attack (coconut, fromage blanc) reveals an impressive herbaceous freshness (cut hay, mint). The peat is perfectly integrated into the heart of the taste palette. Nestled between fresh fruits (pear, peach), sweet almond and lavender honey, it overflows with mineral salts and rooty particles (gentian, ginseng). The leguminous (leek, courgette) end of the palate is incredibly rich.

Finish: long, chiselled. From cocoa bean to roasted coffee bean, infused verbena to cut lucerne, fleur de sel to tarry flavours, and wildflower to seaweed, the start of the finish reveals a host of new tones. With lots of zest, it naturally heads towards the seaside, becoming salty and medicinal. On the retro-nasal olfaction, aquatic plants (samphire, reed) ripple in the breeze of an invigorating cold wind. The expressive and rustic empty glass brings a stable to mind (straw).

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