Ardmore is an ambiguous distillery. Located on the border between Speyside and the East Highlands, Ardmore was established in 1897 just one year before the Pattison brothers went bankrupt.

It has a character that, blindly, would make it more of an island malt than a mainland one. Note that between 1817 and 1835, another distillery bearing the same name operated on the island of Islay before being absorbed by Lagavulin.

A heavy legacy that can be found in its DNA. Discovered through independent bottlings, Ardmore has recently released a 12-year-old “house” bottling.

All the ingredients that make Ardmore a privileged place in the hearts of many connoisseurs are present in this cuvée, namely: on the one hand, peat and smoke that punctuate the tasting, and on the other hand, many fruits, heady-scented flowers, refreshing aromatic plants, and rather strong spices that bring many nuances to the aromatic and gustatory palette.

Add to that an innate ability to constantly gain in elegance as demonstrated by the absolutely stunning finale of finesse, fullness, and depth.

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Tasting Notes

: Fine, complex. Behind a first curtain of smoke, the first nose reveals notes of coconut, candied lemon, pineapple, and especially a licorice and herbaceous peat of great elegance. On aeration, it becomes more and more saline, roasted (tobacco), and balsamic (eucalyptus). An aromatic palette from which a sense of deep serenity emerges.

Palate : Lively, powerful. A complete change of scenery as the attack on the palate is extremely firm. The smoke and peat are now closely intertwined and give rise to a medicinal and spicy character in the mid-palate. The finish is decidedly saline, although it is occasionally punctuated by numerous ripe fruits (grapes, peaches, prunes), vanilla, and dried fruits (nuts, almonds).

Finish : Long, balanced. Delicately honeyed, floral (lily of the valley) and aromatic (sage), it becomes more and more crunchy as desired. Whole bunches of chasselas flood the palate with their sweet juice. With the same finesse, the aftertaste is tenderly licorice and creamy. The retro-olfaction makes a charming return of malt and peat.

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