AMRUT Rum Caroni French Connections Single Cask LMDW 2021


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In this bottling, Amrut’s owners have set themselves the ambitious challenge of exposing their single malt to the influence of Caroni rum. The second instalment in our 2021 Creation Catalogue dedicated to the Bangalore distillery, this version reveals an astonishing sensation of fullness. In terms of both flavours and aromas, it shows remarkable precision, allowing the two protagonists to take turns revealing their full breadth. This respect for expression, combined with complete freedom of tone, enables complicity at every moment that constantly pushes the boundary of the tasting. Bravo!

Profile: the full-bodied first nose is a subtle mix of fresh fruit (pear) and hydrocarbon (diesel). Allowed to breathe, cane sugar spreads across the aromatic palette whilst malted barley digs a deep furrow in the background. The creamy attack is milky and vanilla. Strongly influenced by the rum, the mid-palate is also honeyed (lime blossom). Malted barley then takes control. Notes of biscuit and porridge. The distinguished finish is tangy (candied lemon). Gradually, it becomes increasingly floral (honeysuckle, lily). On the retro-nasal olfaction, cane sugar returns in force.

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Appearance : topaz.

Nose : full-bodied, refined. A subtle combination of fresh fruit (pear, apple, canary melon) and petrol notes (diesel), the first nose immediately highlights the influence of the Caroni rum. Allowed to breathe, cane sugar spreads throughout the aromatic palette, whilst malted barley digs a deep furrow in the background. Very heady, it gradually becomes increasingly floral (iris), herbaceous (bamboo, elderberry) and peppery.

Palate : rich, unctuous. The milky (coconut) and vanilla attack is also strongly influenced by the rum, but more harmoniously. Sugar cane syrup, lime blossom honey and liquorice stick bring lots of sweetness to the mid-palate. Then, suddenly, malted barley decides to take charge. With lots of precision, succulent notes of porridge, biscuit and panettone nourish the very end of the palate.

Overall : long, distinguished. At the start of the finish, candied lemon brings lots of energy to the flavour palette. Heady, it lingers on powdery notes of iris butter. Increasingly floral, it invites us to breathe in the sublime fragrances of lily, honeysuckle and frangipani. On the retro-nasal olfaction, cane sugar returns in force, leaving the indelible Caroni signature. The empty glass wavers between ginger, candied pear and hydrocarbon (pine tar, hail).

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