AMRUT Peated Port Pipe French Connections LMDW 2021 60%


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The peated versions of the single malt produced by the Amrut distillery wonderfully accommodate ageing in a port cask. Many of those bottled by La Maison du Whisky are evidence of this. The third instalment in our 2021 Creation Catalogue dedicated to the Bangalore distillery, this version gets immediately to the point, imposing its uncompromising and yet marvellously nuanced style. It finds its unity of tone thanks to a subtle combination of incessant comings and goings between peaty, fruity, animal, exotic, medicinal, spicy and ashy sequences.

Profile: the rich first nose wavers between an elegant peat and red and black fruits (raspberry, blackberry). Allowed to breathe, peat and smoke take the upper hand. Next, notes of camphor, turmeric and lime accompany a thick smoke. The sober attack is particularly exotic (pineapple) and intensely peaty and smoky. The mineral end of the palate recalls a chimney fire. The generous finish is like a vanilla flan. Little by little, the animal character of the flavour palette becomes increasingly marked. On the retro-nasal olfaction, barley grains gush across the palate.

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Appearance : topaz with green hues.

Nose : rich, concentrated. On the first nose, the stage is set, with elegant peat and lots of red and black fruits (raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, blackcurrant) playing equal roles. Allowed to breathe, peat, soot, smoke and animal notes take the upper hand. Then there is a change of scene. Liquorice, camphor, turmeric, lime and above all malted barley grains enter the stage to play opposite an increasingly intense smoke.

Palate : delicate, minimalist. Overflowing with exoticism (pineapple, banana), the attack is also milky (café au lait, fromage blanc), herbaceous (lucerne), liquorice, oily and intensely smoky and peaty. Allowed to breathe, candied lemon, acacia honey and verbena evoke a traditional white port. The liquorice and terpenic (lava, incense) end of the palate takes us straight to the fireside (soot, ash).

Overall : long, generous. At the start of the finish, flavours of vanilla flan and tobacco notes appear together in perfect harmony. In reality, over the course of the tasting, the animal character (Viande des Grisons) of this Amrut has become increasingly marked. On the edges, ripe fruit (pear, apple), citrus fruit (lemon, grapefruit) and green liquorice play secondary roles essential to its balance. On the retro-nasal olfaction, barley grains gush across the palate. The empty glass is bacony, medicinal (camphor) and vegetal (juniper berry).

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