AMRUT Ex-Bourbon French Connections Single Cask LMDW 2021 60%


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Although Amrut was founded in 1948, it was not until 2004 that the distillery released its first single malt – on the British market, no less. In 2018, a second neighbouring distillery opened. The first instalment in our 2021 Creation Catalogue dedicated to the Bangalore distillery, this ex-bourbon cask version immediately stands out for its biscuit colour, a sign of maturity. Then, in its aromas, for its incredible complexity and concentration, interwoven with lots of short sequences, each more expressive than the next. Finally, in its flavours, where it inspires wonder and admiration through its richness, depth and finesse.

Profile: the harmonious first nose is slightly meaty (bacon) and above all fruity (citrus fruit), malty and sweet pastry-scented (spice bread). Allowed to breathe, exotic fruits (passion fruit) appear. These are accompanied by noble spices (saffron). The unctuous attack overflows with exoticism (guava). Next, essential oils (bergamot), French toast and café au lait create a tonic and creamy ensemble of flavours. The mid-palate is malty and floral (peony). The full start to the finish has a very delicate texture. Gradually, new spices (nutmeg) bring lots of nobility to the end of the palate.

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Appearance : burnished gold with biscuit tinges.

Nose : full-bodied, harmonious. The slightly meaty (bacon) first nose is above all fruity (lemon and orange zest), malty and floral (lime blossom, gladiolus), with notes of sweet pastry (spice bread). Allowed to breathe, exotic fruits (mango, passion fruit) emerge from the depths of the aromatic palette. These are beautifully accompanied by notes of curry, saffron and precious wood. Now, a sensation of fullness reigns, barely disturbed by the presence of medicinal notes (mustard, benzoin).

Palate : rich, unctuous. Overflowing with exoticism (guava, passion fruit), the attack literally transcends the nose. Next, essential oils (savory, bergamot), notes of French toast and café au lait create an invigorating yet creamy collection of flavours. The mid-palate is primarily occupied by malted barley and heady florals (peony rosedale). At the end of the palate, beeswax and lavender honey slip into every empty space.

Overall : long, full. Like taffeta or the rough skin of white peach, the start of the finish has a hugely delicate texture. Later, vanilla, spearmint, apricot stone and fresh coriander wonderfully complement this flavour picture. On the retro-nasal olfaction, clove and nutmeg add a nobly spice dimension to the ensemble. As on the first nose, the empty glass is meaty and floral.

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