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Kenten Co., Ltd. Akkeshi Distillery launched “HOKKAIDO AKKESHI Whisky Sarorunkamuy” in 2020. And now, we are proud to announce that we won the ‘DOUBLE GOLD award’ at the global liquor competition “San Francisco World Spirits Competition”. The DOUBLE GOLD award is only for products that have been rated “GOLD” by all judges. HOKKAIDO AKKESHI Whisky Sarorunkamuy is the first single malt whisky that was released from our Distillery, and was made using only raw spirits produced shortly after the start of operation. It has been 3 years since the start of operation in East Hokkaido’s first distillery in Akkeshi-town in Hokkaido, known as one of the leading oyster producing areas in Japan. We are delighted that this award is the result of our uncompromising commitment to manufacturing ‘New Make Spirits’ and the widespread recognition of Akkeshi’s environment as the best place for our whiskies. All the raw spirits were made in 2016, and the aged barrels used are bourbon, sherry, and wine. The key malt was aged in Japanese Oak casks. The top flavor is strong in strawberry and chocolate elements, reminiscent of luxury strawberry chocolate. Followed by a white pepper-like spicy and citrus peel-like bitterness, with a slight sweetness like nikki.

Profil: Delicate, generous and complex. Strawberries, chocolate, pepper, citrus, nikki.

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Appearance : Orange copper with mahogany highlights.
Nose : Refined, elegant. Red fruits on a bed of green foam, roasted malt, hazelnut crème brûlée, marinated daikon.
Palate : Gently starts with candied fruits (cherry) and a slight freshness (mentholated strawberries). Generous and creamy on the palate with melt-in-the-mouth chocolate nutty, reminiscent of a baked brownie. The aromas of spices (Nikki cinnamon, sansho pepper), the bitterness of citrus fruits (orange, yuzu) and malt notes maintain a complex balance. Offering a watering intensity.
Overall : Sweet and lingering with the elegance of vanilla, the finesse of white pepper and orange peel.

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