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American Express x La Maison du Whisky
Founded in 1956 by Georges Benitah, La Maison du Whisky has established itself as one of the largest French specialists in the importation & distribution of Rare Whiskies & Fine Spirits.
La Maison du Whisky expanded into the Singapore & Asian market in 2006. Our storefront on 80 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-10 has a growing curation of the island’s largest & nichest Whiskies & Fine Spirits selection.
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From exclusive single cask releases, to old & rare bottlings; La Maison du Whisky has an extensive collection backed by a passionate and expert team. Let us curate your home selection today.

Selected for the platinum affair

70CL 62.60%


A very nuanced fruitiness that allies classicism and exoticism, floral notes that never cease to gain in depth and complexity, rare spices that provide bags of heat and vitality, and above all a perfectly integrated woodiness that shines through its subtlety. These are just some of the main elements that give the palette of aromas and flavours of this Karuizawa great freshness and a youthful expression. Add to this a crazy charm that evokes single malts of the past without falling into nostalgia.

Profile: a combination of sunshine and shadow, the nose evokes a field of ripe barley before taking on a more exotic character with a hint of chilli pepper. Notes of rancio sherry (cherries in brandy). Very balanced, the palate reveals notes of blood oranges and purple lilacs, and becomes even more exotic (mango, pineapple).

The KARUIZAWA 1965 – Monyou Experience – Bourbon Cask box set includes:
– Engraved bottle with porcelain podium.
– One Japanese ink kit (Ink flask, brush, cup and unique numbered stamp).
– Booklet recounting the Karuizawa experience lived by La Maison du Whisky.

Single Cask no. 8636 – Bourbon Barrel
Limited edition of 199 bottles
Exclusive to LMDW



75CL 46%


An exceptional vintage Macallan single malt that was distilled in 1959 and bottled, at 80 proof. Imported by Rinaldi.

This single malt is produced in limited quantities, using the finest ingredients right from the start of the production process through to its choice of the famous barley varieties Golden Promise and Optic. Its long fermentation and slow distillation result in a rich and concentrated distillate, of which only 16% is selected for maturation in casks of a rare quality, with the rest being run off as feints and foreshots. Its single malt is then aged, wholly or partially, in casks that have previously contained sherry. In fact, Macallan has even acquired various bodegas in Andalucia to guarantee this “tailored” maturation. Sherry cask.


70CL 48%


Matured in a Japanese Mizunara Oak and Sherry Butt, this particular Yamazaki has won tons of awards including the Best Cask Innovation Award 2009, at the Malt Maniac Awards. A limited edition bottle to commemorate Yamazaki’s 25th anniversary, along with parent company, Suntory’s 110th anniversary.
Profile: a decent amount of cooked and stewed fruits on the nose, with a touch of sherry action. Faint muscatty hints with mint breeze. Dash of water leads to more complexity; pipe tobacco, mushrooms, saltpetre and honey. On the palate – bold, candied, citrusy, spicy, herbal, oaky! Also a fine nuance of cinnamon. Long finish with fruity notes of honeydew, accompanied with pine sap and white pepper.
Limited edition of 2800 individually-numbered bottles.

70CL 44.60%


After half a century maturing in a single ex-sherry hogshead, this 1969-vintage single malt from Benromach was bottled in June 2019. Benromach 50 Years Old is the oldest expression in the current broad range of this distillery.


70CL 46.70%


Established in 1779, the Bowmore distillery is the oldest distillery on the Isle of Islay. Approximately 30% of the barley used is malted on-site. Its legendary warehouse no. 1 is below sea level and one of the oldest warehouses in Scotland. The Bowmores of the 60s and 70s quite rightly enjoyed huge renown amongst enthusiasts around the world. Distilled on 21 June 1972, this version is a perfect example of this era’s exuberant and flamboyant style, with incredibly complex fruit, supremely elegant peat and simply wild charm.

Signatory Vintage is amongst one of the most important Independent Bottlers. Throughout their history, they have maintained uncompromisingly high selection standards. Their warehouses abound in priceless treasures. For their 30th anniversary, Signatory Vintage bottled some of their finest casks; featuring very old vintages from prestigious distilleries. This Bowmore is one of them; akin to the older style Bowmore bottlings; think funky, musty tropical fruits. On the palate, it has been likened to being “reminiscent” of the legendary White Bowmore.

70CL 44.3%


Distilled in 1975, this Black Tot Demerara has been forgotten for 40 years in cask. The juice coming from the Port Mourant distillery, old Britannic Guyana property is recognized for its unique style and distillation in wooden pot still dating back from the 18th century. Acquired by Demerara Distillers Ltd, this iconic pot still keeps producing Port Mourant despite the distillery’s closure in 1950.


70CL x 5


Launched in 2011; the Artist range by La Maison du Whisky is a selection of exceptional single casks bottled at cask strength. This range is particularly dear to La Maison du Whisky Singapore because it was Singaporean artist, Warren Khong, whose works adorn the now legendary Artist #1 bottlings.

This luxurious & highly prized set of the Artist #9 Peaty Collection now comes in a beautifully elegant, custom-made display box. Exclusively for Singapore only.

Part of the first abstract painters of Korea, Bang Hai Ja continued her work in France. Her paintings, lightened from the inside, offer a peaceful cataclysm look, of stellar explosions in a twister of unprecedented colours. Her timeless universe, global and unclassifiable, give life to the 2019 Artist Peaty range for which LMDW Creations has released 5 expressions of extremely rare casks:

  • Ballechin Over 5 2010 57.9%
  • Ledaig Over 10 2007 60.8%
  • Caol Ila Aged 15 2003 55.9%
  • Laphroaig Aged 20 1998 54.9%
  • Bruichladdich Over 25 1990 55%

Set LMDW Artist Scotland 10th Anniversary
70CL x 6


The Artist series celebrates its 10th anniversary with a collection of the following Scottish Single Malts from renowned distilleries:

  • BENRINNES Aged 15 Years ARTIST 10th Anniversary S.V
  • BUNNAHABHAIN Over 10 Years ARTIST 10TH Anniversary
  • CAOL ILA Over 40 Years ARTIST 10TH Anniversary S.V
  • CAPERDONICH Aged 20 Years ARTIST 10th Anniversary S.V
  • IMPERIAL Aged 25 Years ARTIST 10th Anniversary Edition S.V
  • MACALLAN Aged 30 Years ARTIST 10TH Anniversary S.V

G&M Private Collection

For over 120 years, Gordon & Macphail has been driven by a simple mission: to create single malt scotch whiskies of exceptional quality.

Through four generations of family ownership, the company has matched its own casks with spirit from over 100 scottish distilleries.

It is this unique depth and breadth of experience that enables Gordon & Macphail to combine oak, spirit and time to create iconic whiskies found nowhere else in the world.

Selected by the directors of Gordon & MacPhail, the whiskies that make up the Private Collection all present exceptional quality and character. These rare, vintage single malts are usually from the top distilleries (Caol Ila, Glenlivet, Longmorn etc.), and are presented in very limited, sometimes totally unique bottlings. “Decades” is also part of the Private Collection range; this consists of six bottlings of Glenlivet, one per decade from the 1940s to the 1990s.


70CL 51.60%


The Book of Kells is a range by Scottish whisky specialists Gordon & MacPhail, which brings together its best whiskies and, since the 1970s, has generally been reserved for exclusive bottlings for a few long-standing customers, such as La Maison du Whisky.

Overflowing with energy and remarkable in its saltiness and freshness, this Glen Grant 1955 60-year-old is packed full with an abundance of ripe fruit and precious spices. Its backbone is formed of tannins so silky they give you goosebumps. Simply beautiful in its classic appeal, it is both similar to and different from the Glen Grant 1955 in our 2015 Collection. More cousins than they are blood brothers, they share a childlike spirit.

Single Cask #854 – First Fill Sherry Hogshead
Limited edition of 113 bottles – LMDW world exclusive


70CL 40%


As in the 1950s, it is in the venerable vintage versions that the single malt produced by the Glen Grant distillery reveals its great finesse and complexity. A selection of Gordon & MacPhail.


70CL 40%


This Glen Grant is constantly increasing its complexity and wealth in small colourful sequences. It even takes us wisely and mischievously by surprise to this great retroolfaction that takes it back a good twenty years. Going back in time gives it a second breath of balance and harmony. Beautiful!


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