LEDAIG 2004 Over 10 Years 5th Edition S.V 60,4%

The Ledaigs of the early 1970s enjoyed a phenomenal reputation. Aged in sherry barrels, this version is a worthy heir. Stunning in its animal and medicinal peat (Grisons beef, bacon, camphor), it also offers an incredible expression of finesse. With a natural wildness, it is also extremely delicate.Taking the art of paradox to its core, it is the perfect opportunity for the Isle of Mull distillery to make a triumphant entry in the Maison du Whisky’s Artist range. Outstanding.
Singantory Vintage

Single Cask #900179 – Sherry Butt Limited edition of 588 bottles – LMDW world exclusive Profile: very mineral (slate, manganese) and equally medicinal (camphor) and peaty. Initially herbaceous (cut hay, sage), before becoming exotic

LEDAIG 2004 Over 10 Years 5th Edition S.V 60,4%
Single Malt, Scotland / Highlands-Mull 70cl Ref: 19620