The Kyoto Distillery, founded in 2015, has just released its very first product titled KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin. The name KI NO BI (季の美) translates to “The beauty of the seasons.” It’s a fitting name for Kyoto’s first artisan gin. Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital, is renowned for its natural beauty, cultural traditions, and a long history of artisan crafts such as pottery, kimono fabric, and the brewing of sake.


KI NO BI is made from a rice-based spirit and high-quality local botanicals from Kyoto and other parts of Japan. Key ingredients that give KI NO BI its “Japanese accent” include yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit), green tea from Uji, ginger root, hinoki wood chips (Japanese cypress), shiso leaves, bamboo, and sansho berries (Japanese peppercorn). Water from Fushimi in southern Kyoto City, famous for its purity and the brewing of sake, is used to cut this spirit down to a bottling strength of 45.7%.