Chase Vodka

CHASE English Potato Vodka
40%, 70cl – English Vodka

The complexity and creamy texture of this vodka, made from their own farm-grown potatoes, creates a far more prominent character than your typical neutral grain based spirit. A must have for budding bartenders as well as cocktail connoisseurs, this Vodka is a great new addition on every back bar and spirit cabinet.

Founded in 2008 by William Chase in Herefordshire, Chase Distillery has taken on the challenge to control each stage of the production, from planting and harvesting to distillation and bottling. Chase possesses an impressive 70ft Column Still and a copper pot still which allows them to produce vodkas, gins and liquueurs of superior quality. They also produce a range of limited releases such as their Smoked Vodka; look out for new expressions in the near future!